dispatch from ouro preto, brazil

Hi All!!!

Brazil is fanstastic. so far ive been to the crazy big city of sao paulo (20 million) the crazy beach city of rio de janiero, the small unenesco town of tiredentes, and am currently in the bit larger unesco ex goldmining university town of ouro pretto in the mountains 10 hrs north of rio. tonight were getting on a 11 hr bus to get back to the beach! i have a buch of photos on flickr,


everyone since sao paulo has been annotated for more info... the thing to know about sao paulo is that it is huge and on our last night their we went to the virada cultural, a big festival attended by millions. i saw os mutantes ( a ´psycodelic rock band) at 3 in the morning. it was awesome... ill try to right more soon!

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hilary + wood said...

me muy jealous-o